Damon and Red Iris Studios offers a variety of music services:


Bands and Saxophone Performances

Contact Damon  directly about booking him or one of the various bands that he plays in for performances.


  • Saxophone lessons

  • Jazz improvisation lessons  

  • Eltham based studio 

  • Experienced in AMEB, VCE Music Performance and audition preparation 

  • Beginners to advanced

Red Iris Recording Studios

Located in a beautiful garden setting with plenty of light and fresh air in leafy Eltham, 35 minutes to the North East of Melbourne’s CBD. Red Iris Studios has a 41 square meter live room with 4 meter cathedral ceilings and non parallel floor, ceilings and walls. The control room is similarly large with a 35 square meter floor plan and gabled 3.2 meter ceilings. The studio caters for solo performers to full bands with up tp 16 channels of simultaneous digital multi track available. Great sounding and (importantly) feeling studio  for recording many styles of music.


  • Logic Pro X system 

  • two large recording spaces, with portable baffles and sound treatment

  • Apollo 8p interface

  • extensive microphone collection includes, Neumann KM 184 matched pair,  Neumann TLM 102, AKG, Rode, SE, Shure SM7B, Shure Beta 58 x 2, Shure SM57 x 4, DPA.DPA

  • Genelec M040 Main Monitors

  • Rockit 5 KRK alternate Monitors

Instruments include:  

  • Kawai US-60 upright grand piano 

  • Fender Rhodes, Mk I, Stage 73

  • Yamaha drum kit 1970s vintage

  • Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit 2000s 

  • Zildjian cymbal kit

Arranging, Composing and Horn Section Recording

A complete service.

Damon has 30 years experience writing for, playing in and recording horn sections large and small in various styles: blues, rock n' roll, jazz, funk, reggae, soul etc. Damon was on call horn section leader and arranger for Bert Newton's Network 10 TV show Good Morning Australia from 2002-2005.

What you get:

  • Clear and detailed professional charts written to your specifications using Sibelius notation software

  • Session musicians sourced from Damon's network of the top players in Melbourne

  • Recorded stems in WAV file format (or any standard pro audio format) ready to import and mix into your project